DNS integration CLI commands

Window and Linux commands for adding and configuring DNS integrations or providers to sensors for DV certificate automation on load balancers.

Command Syntax Description
Windows: adddnsintegration.bat

Linux: adddnsintegration.sh
adddnsintegration.bat -type {dns_provider_name}

./adddnsintegration.sh -type {dns_provider_name}
Add a DNS integration to automate DV certificates.
Windows: listsupporteddns.bat

Linux: listsupporteddns.sh
- View the complete list of supported DNS providers.
Windows: listdnsintegration.bat

Linux: listdnsintegration.sh
listdnsintegration.bat -type {dns_provider_name}

./listdnsintegration.sh -type {dns_provider_name}
View the list of DNS integrations configured with the sensor.
Windows: updatednsintegration.bat

Linux: updatednsintegration.sh
updatednsintegration.bat - alias {alias_name}

./updatednsintegration.sh - alias {alias_name}
Update the DNS integration.
Windows: deletednsintegration.bat

Linux: deletednsintegration.sh
deletednsintegration.bat - alias {alias_name}

./deletednsintegration.sh - alias {alias_name}
Delete the DNS integration from the sensor.