Set up sensor (agentless) automation for a load balancer

Install and configure a sensor for automating certificate requests on load balancers

Automating certificate requests on a load balancer or a similar device requires a CertCentral sensor, the software that also manages and performs discovery scans.

Before you begin

  • Check automation service requirements to make sure CertCentral automation supports your endpoint device.
  • If you already have a sensor installed for certificate discovery, make sure it can reach the load balancer you want to automate.


  1. Go to Automation > Manage automation.

  2. Select Add automation.

  3. Select Sensor automation.

  4. On the Set up automation page, under the web servers section, select Set up a sensor.

  5. If you do not already have a sensor installed for discovery scans, select I don't have a sensor installed. See the sensor installation steps for details.

  6. If you already have a sensor running, select I already have a sensor installed. Follow the configuration instructions to activate agentless automation on the sensor.
    Note: This supports SNI configuration only on F5 BIG-IP and AWS load balancers.

  7. Go back to Automation > Manage automation.

  8. Select the name of the agentless automation you just configured.

  9. Review and make sure the host details are correct.

  10. If you make any changes, select Save.

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