Configure sensor (agentless) automation settings for a Citrix NetScaler load balancer

Use the following procedure to configure agentless settings for Citrix NetScaler load balancers.

Configure agentless settings for Citrix NetScaler load balancers

  1. Log in to the sensor host.

  2. Go to the sensor CLI directory.

    cd install_dir/cli

    Where install_dir is the installation directory for the sensor.

  3. Run the addagentless command.

    • On Linux:

    ./ -type NETSCALER

    • On Windows:

    addagentless.bat -type NETSCALER

    • On Docker:

    docker exec -it <container-id/name> cli/ -type NETSCALAR

    When you enter the command, a series of prompts appears for each setting you need to enter. At each prompt, enter the specific settings for your load balancer and press Return.

The login password of the appliance you created on its respective console must meet the DigiCert password requirements so it will work with automation.

The password must contain lower and upper case letters, numbers, or symbols.

Allowed symbols: ~!@#$%^*()_+-|`{}[]:;?/,."

Run the docker ps command to get the container name or ID and its operating status.

There are two ways to configure the agentless on docker:

  1. Without signing in to the docker sensor container:
    Run the docker exec -it <container-id/name> cli/ -type NETSCALAR command.
  2. By signing in to the docker sensor container:
    1. Run the docker exec -it <container-id/name> bash command to get a bash shell in the container.
    2. Go to the sensor installation directory and run the cli/ -type NETSCALAR command.

For example:

addagentless.bat -type NETSCALER

Sensor CLI. Copyright 2020, DigiCert Inc.
Add or change login credentials and specify data IP addresses for certificate automation.
Enter the management IP:
http or https:https
Enter management Port (443):443
If available, do you want to map this sensor with the previously voided loadbalancer (Y/N)?:N
Enter webservice username:nsroot
Enter webservice password:
Confirm webservice password:
Enter SSH username:nsroot
Enter SSH password:
Confirm SSH password:
Enter SSH port:22
Successfully added or changed the agentless. HA Pair peers are
Management IP :     (Primary)
The sensor may use any of these management IP addresses to perform certificate automation activities.
IMPORTANT: After you run this command, return to Manage Automation Agents in console. Verify that the certificate host appears and is configured.