Verify sensor (agentless) automation configuration

After configuring your appliance with the sensor's CLI commands, verify that the appliance appears on the Manage Automation page in CertCentral without any configuration errors.

Verify appliance configuration

  1. Sign in to your CertCentral account.

  2. Go to Automation > Manage automation.

  3. On the Manage automation page, make sure the appliance you configured appears in the list. Check for Status: Configured.

Identify your sensor configured for A10, BIGIP, or Citrix NetScaler load balancer with its Management IP address as a unique name.

Identify your sensor configured for AWS load balancer:

  • On the Manage automation page, with its unique name AWS account ID_AWS region in the Name column.
    For example: 832981108861_us-east
  • On the Automated IP page, with the name specified in the AWS listener in the IP/Name column.
    For example: aws-elb-automation

What's next?

The next step is to automate your certificate renewal or replacement. You can also automate the switching of your certificates that are issued from other certificate authorities to DigiCert.