Change sensor proxy settings

Before you begin

  • Have experience working with the proxy server's operating system
  • Have administrative permissions

Change proxy settings

As an example of how to change a proxy setting, we'll change the proxy password.

  1. On the computer you installed the sensor on, navigate to install_dir/config/.

    Where install_dir is the installation sensor installation directory

  2. Open the file, replace httpAuthPasswordEncrypted with httpAuthPassword.

  3. Replace httpsAuthPasswordEncrypted with httpsAuthPassword.

  4. Add the proxy password values for these settings.

  5. Go to install_dir/cli.

    Where install_dir is the sensor installation directory

  6. Run the applyproxysettings command.

    In the examples below, input_file is the path and file name containing the proxy settings


    ./ -file input_file


    applyproxysettiinput_file ile input_file

  7. Restart the sensor to encrypt the proxy passwords and upload the proxy information.

    In the examples below, install_dir is the sensor installation directory


    Go to install_dir/cli and run the ./restart.bat command.


    Go to install_dir/cli and run the restart.bat command

What's next

Use the new password next time you log on to the proxy server.