Discovery renewal notices

Discovery sends renewal notices for expiring discovered SSL/TLS certificates

Discovery includes a renewal notifications feature, making it easier to manage all your SSL/TLS certificates in one place—CertCentral. Once enabled, Discovery will send renewal notifications for expiring discovered SSL/TLS certificates, regardless of issuing Certificate Authority (CA).

These renewal notifications include the option to renew your SSL/TLS certificate with us. When renewing a "discovered" SSL/TLS certificate in CertCentral, we'll replace it with an equivalent DigiCert certificate. For example, we'll replace a single domain SSL certificate with a DigiCert Standard SSL Certificate.

Who receives Discovery renewal notifications?

By default, Discovery sends renewal notifications for discovered SSL/TLS certificates to the primary CertCentral administrator—the individual who created the account and receives all account notifications.

We will also send renewal notifications to any additional email addresses assigned to receive account notifications.

When does Discovery send renewal notifications?

For discovered SSL/TLS certificates, Discovery uses your CertCentral renewal notification settings to determine when to send renewal notifications. By default CertCentral sends renewal notifications 90, 60, 30, 7, and 3 days before a certificate expires and 7 days after a certificate expires.

To customize your renewal notifications schedule, see Certificate renewal notifications.

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