Discovery workflow and permissions

To set up and run your first scan, you need to download a sensor installation file, install the sensor on a machine with access to the areas of your network you want to scan, and finally, set up and run the scan using the sensor. Before you start a task, make sure you have the necessary permissions to complete it.

Access and manage Discovery

Only the administrator and manager roles have permissions to access and manager Discovery in your CertCentral account.

Access is required to download sensors, to set up and run scans, to view the Dashboard, to view scan results (certificates and endpoints), etc.

Install sensors

To install a sensor, you'll need administrator permissions on the computer or virtual machine you want to install a sensor on (for example, on Linux have sudo access).

Activate and start sensors

To activate and start a sensor, you'll need to be a user in the CertCentral account. If you have divisions in your account, as a user you'll need permissions to access the division you want to assign the sensor to.

When using divisions in your CertCentral account, you are able to restrict users to specific divisions. Make sure those assigned to activate the sensor can access the division you want to assign the sensor to.