PQC toolkit

DigiCert will be releasing a post-quantum cryptographic (PQC) toolkit that contains everything needed to create a hybrid TLS certificate. This hybrid certificate will use a post-quantum cryptographic algorithm paired with a classical cryptographic algorithm. This will allow you to test the viability of deploying post-quantum hybrid TLS certificates while also maintaining backwards compatibility.

DigiCert’s PQC toolkit will provide everything necessary to:

  • Install and configure post-quantum compatible OpenSSL and Apache web server using ISARA modifications.
  • Generate post-quantum cryptographic keys using CRYSTALS-Dilithium signature scheme.
  • Create a CSR using both post-quantum cryptographic keys and classical cryptographic keys.
  • Issue a hybrid certificate based on the IETF Multiple Public-Key Algorithm X.509 Certificates draft.
  • Test post-quantum functionality as well as backwards compatibility.