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To make it easier to plan your certificate-related tasks, we scheduled our 2022 maintenance windows in advance. See DigiCert 2022 scheduled maintenance—this page is kept up to date with all maintenance schedule information.

With customers worldwide, we understand there is not a "best time" for everyone. However, after reviewing the data on customer usage, we selected times that would impact the fewest amount of our customers.

About our maintenance schedule

  • Maintenance is scheduled for the first weekend of each month unless otherwise noted.
  • Each maintenance window is scheduled for 2 hours.
  • Although we have redundancies in place to protect your service, some DigiCert services may be unavailable.
  • All normal operations will resume once maintenance is completed.
  • To get live maintenance updates, subscribe to the DigiCert Status page. This subscription includes email alerts for when maintenance begins and when it ends.

If you need more information regarding these maintenance windows, contact your account manager or DigiCert support team.