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DigiCert site seal now available for Basic OV and EV certificate orders

DigiCert Basic OV and EV certificate orders include the DigiCert site seal. Now, you can install the DigiCert site seal on the same site your Basic SSL certificate protects. Site seals provide your customers with the assurance your website is secured by DigiCert—one of the most recognized names in TLS/SSL security.

When you click the site seal, you see additional details about the domain, the organization, the TLS/SSL certificate, and the validation.

Learn how to configure and install your DigiCert site seal

DigiCert Smart Seal

DigiCert also offers a more innovative type of site seal—the DigiCert Smart Seal. This advanced seal is more interactive and engaging than the DigiCert site seal. We added a hover-over effect, animation, and the ability to display your company logo in the hover-over effect and animation feature.

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