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CertCentral: DNS CNAME DCV method now available for DV certificate orders

In CertCentral and the CertCentral Services API, you can now use the DNS CNAME domain control validation (DCV) method to validate the domains on your DV certificate order.

Note: Before, you could only use the DNS CNAME DCV method to validate the domains on OV and EV certificate orders and when prevalidating domains.

To use the DNS CNAME DCV method on your DV certificate order:

  • In CertCentral:
    • When ordering a DV TLS certificate, you can select DNS CNAME as the DCV method.
    • On the DV TLS certificate's order details page, you can change the DCV method to DNS CNAME Record.
  • In the Services API:
    • When requesting a DV TLS certificate, set the value of the dcv_method request parameter to dns‑cname‑token.

Note: The AuthKey process for generating request tokens for immediate DV certificate issuance does not support the DNS CNAME DCV method. However, you can use the File Auth (http‑token) and DNS TXT (dns‑txt‑token) DCV methods. To learn more, visit DV certificate immediate issuance.

To learn more about using the DNS CNAME DCV method: