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To make it easier to plan your certificate related tasks, we scheduled our 2021 maintenance windows in advance. See DigiCert 2021 scheduled maintenance—this page is kept up to date with all maintenance schedule information.

With customers all over the world, we understand there is not a best time for everyone. However, after reviewing the data on customer usage, we selected times that would impact the fewest amount of our customers.

About our maintenance schedule

  • Maintenance is scheduled for the first weekend of each month, unless otherwise noted.
  • Each maintenance window is scheduled for 2 hours.
  • Although we have redundancies in place to protect your service, some DigiCert services may be unavailable.
  • All normal operations will resume once maintenance is completed.

If you need more information regarding these maintenance windows, contact your account manager or DigiCert support team. To get live updates, subscribe to the DigiCert Status page.


Upcoming scheduled maintenance

On February 6, 2021 between 22:00 – 24:00 MST (February 7, 2021 between 05:00 – 07:00 UTC), DigiCert will perform critical maintenance.

During maintenance, the services listed below will be down approximately 60 minutes. However, due to the scope of the maintenance being performed, there may be additional service interruptions during the two-hour maintenance window.

You will be unable to sign in to these platforms and access these services and APIs:

  • CertCentral / Service API
  • Direct Cert Portal / Direct Cert Portal API
  • Certificate Issuing Service (CIS)
  • Simple Certificate Enrollment Protocol (SCEP)
  • Discovery / API
  • ACME
  • ACME agent automation / API

DigiCert will be unable to issue certificates for these services and APIs:

  • CertCentral / Services API
  • Direct Cert Portal / Direct Cert Portal API
  • Certificate Issuing Service (CIS)
  • Simple Certificate Enrollment Protocol (SCEP)
  • Complete Website Security (CWS) / API
  • Managed PKI for SSL (MSSL) / API
  • QV Trust Link

These services are not affected by the maintenance activities:

  • PKI Platform 7 / PKI Platform 8
  • DigiCert ONE managers

API note: Services to process certificate-related transactions including domain, organization, and validation requests will not be available. APIs will return “cannot connect” errors. Certificate orders placed during this window that receive a “cannot connect” error message will need to be placed again after services are restored.

What can I do?

Plan accordingly.

  • Schedule high-priority orders, renewals, reissues, and duplicate issues outside of the maintenance window.
  • If you use the APIs for immediate certificate issuance and automated tasks, expect interruptions during this time.
  • To get live updates, subscribe to the DigiCert Status page.
  • For scheduled maintenance dates and times, see DigiCert 2021 scheduled maintenance.

Services will be restored as soon as the maintenance is completed.