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CertCentral Guest access feature

We are happy to announce Guest access is now available for CertCentral Enterprise and CertCentral Partner. This feature allows users to manage a certificate order without you having to add them to your CertCentral account.

Guest access provides your account with a unique URL that can be shared with non-account users so they can access a certificate order. This is a quick, easy, and secure way to share access to a certificate order with someone who you doesn't need account access, only the ability to download, reissue, renew, or revoke the certificate.

Note: Guest access allows you to manage a single order at a time and does not provide the user with access to any other CertCentral information or features.

To use Guest access, first enable it for your account; in the left menu, go to Account > Guest Access. For more information about Guest access and how to configure it for your account, see Guest access.

To access an order via Guest access:

  1. Use the unique URL to go to the Welcome to the guest portal page.
  2. Enter your email address and the certificate order id or a domain included on the order (common name or subject alternative name (SAN)) and click Continue.
  3. Wait for CertCentral to send you an email with a unique authentication code.
  4. On the Enter authentication code sent to page, enter the authentication code included in the email, and click Sign in.

Now, you can view the certificate order and download, reissue, renew, or revoke the certificate.