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CertCentral changing mail server IP addresses for expiring certificate renewal notifications

DigiCert is upgrading the renewal email communication's infrastructure. This upgrade includes changes to the mail server IP addresses we send expiring certificate renewal notifications from.

If your company uses allowlists and email filters, your expiring certificate renewal emails are at risk of being blocked or sent to spam directories.

What do I need to do?

To ensure you don't miss a renewal communication, update allowlists and email filters to allow emails from the new IP addresses.

For more information, see the DigiCert Renewal Email source IP change knowledgebase article. If you have questions, please contact your account manager or our support team.


Industry standards change

As ofJuly 31, 2019 (19:30 UTC), you must use the HTTP Practical Demonstration DCV method to demonstrate control over IP addresses on your certificate orders.

For more information about the HTTP Practical Demonstration DCV method, see these instructions:

Currently, industry standards used to allow you to use other DCV methods to demonstrate control over your IP address. However, with the passing of Ballot SC7, the regulations for IP address validation changed.

Ballot SC7: Update IP Address Validation Methods

This ballot redefines the permitted processes and procedures for validating the customer's control of an IP Address listed in a certificate. Compliance changes for Ballot SC7 go into effect on July 31, 2019 (19:30 UTC).

To remain compliant, as of July 31, 2019 (19:30 UTC), DigiCert only allows customers to use the HTTP Practical Demonstration DCV method to validate their IP addresses.

Removing Support for IPv6

As of July 31, 2019 (19:30 UTC), DigiCert has removed support for certificates for IPv6 addresses. Due to server limitations, DigiCert is unable to reach out to IPv6 address to verify the file placed on the customer's website for the HTTP Practical Demonstration DCV method.