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CertCentral: Improved Organizations page

To make it easier to find your organizations on the Organization page, we now display three new pieces of information about each organization. This additional information is helpful when you have organizations with similar or identical names:

  • ID
  • Assumed name (if used)
  • Address

On the Organizations page, you will now see an Org # column with the organization's ID. You will also see the organization addresses displayed below the names. And, if you use the organization's assumed name, you will see it in parentheses next to the organization name.

Note: Previously, the only way to view this information was to click the organization name and open the organization's details page.

For more information about organizations in CertCentral, see Manage organizations.


CertCentral: Improved add organization option on OV/EV certificate request forms

To make it easier to order a TLS/SSL certificate for an organization in your account, we updated the Add organization option in the OV and EV certificate request forms.

For accounts that issue certificates for 10 or more organizations, we now display three new pieces of organization information. This information is helpful when you have organizations with similar or identical names:

  • Assumed name (if used)
  • Organization ID
  • Address

We also added the ability to type the name of the organization you are searching for.

See for yourself

The next time you request an OV or EV TLS/SSL certificate, click Add organization. In the Organization dropdown, you will see the following organization information: name, assumed name (if used), ID, and address. You can also type the organization name.


ICA certificate chain selection for public OV and EV flex certificates

We are happy to announce that public OV and EV certificates with flex capabilities now support Intermediate CA certificate chain selection.

You can add an option to your CertCentral account that enables you to control which DigiCert ICA certificate chain issues your public OV and EV "flex" certificates.

This option allows you to:

  • Set the default ICA certificate chain for each public OV and EV flex certificate.
  • Control which ICA certificate chains certificate requestors can use to issue their flex certificate.

Configure ICA certificate chain selection

To enable ICA selection for your account, contact your account manager or our Support team. Then, in your CertCentral account, on the Product Settings page (in the left main menu, go to Settings > Product Settings), configure the default and allowed intermediates for each type of OV and EV flex certificate.

For more information and step-by-step instructions, see ICA certificate chain option for public OV and EV flex certificates.


DigiCert Services API support for ICA certificate chain selection

In the DigiCert Services API, we made the following updates to support ICA selection in your API integrations:

  • Created new Product limits endpoint
    Use this endpoint to get information about the limits and settings for the products enabled for each division in your account. This includes ID values for each product's default and allowed ICA certificate chains.
  • Added support for ICA selection to public TLS OV and EV flex certificate order requests
    After you configure allowed intermediates for a product, you can select the ICA certificate chain that should issue your certificate when you use the API to submit an order request.
    Pass in the ID of the issuing ICA certificate as the value for the ca_cert_id parameter in the body of your order request

Example flex certificate request:

Example flex certificate request

For more information about using ICA selection in your API integrations, see OV/EV certificate lifecycle – (Optional) ICA selection.


CertCentral: Automatic DCV checks – DCV polling

We are happy to announce we've improved the domain control validation (DCV) process and added automatic checks for DNS TXT, DNS CNAME, and HTTP practical demonstration (FileAuth) DCV methods.

This means, once you've placed the fileauth.txt file on your domain or added the random value to your DNS TXT or DNS CNAME records, you don't need to worry about signing in to CertCentral to run the check yourself. We will run the DCV check automatically. Although, you can still run a manual check, when needed.

DCV polling cadence

After submitting your public SSL/TLS certificate order, submitting a domain for prevalidation, or changing the DCV method for a domain, DCV polling begins immediately and runs for one week.

  • Interval 1—Every minute for the first 15 minutes
  • Interval 2—Every five minutes for an hour
  • Interval 3—Every fifteen minutes for four hours
  • Interval 4—Every hour for a day
  • Interval 5—Every four hours for a week*

*After Interval 5, we stop checking. If you have not placed the fileauth.txt file on your domain or added the random value to your DNS TXT or DNS CNAME records by the end of the first week, you will need to run the check yourself.

For more information about the supported DCV methods: