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Secure Site Pro certificates now come with access to the DigiCert post-quantum cryptographic (PQC) toolkit. Our toolkit contains what you need to create a hybrid SSL/TLS certificate. The hybrid certificate in the toolkit uses a PQC algorithm paired with an ECC algorithm allowing you to test the feasibility of hosting a post-quantum, backwards compatible hybrid certificate on your website.

Note: The PQC benefit for Secure Site Pro certificates is retroactive. To access your PQC toolkit, go to your Secure Site Pro Certificate's Order # details page. (In the sidebar menu, click Certificates > Orders. On the Orders page, click the order number link for your Secure Site Pro certificate. On the certificate's order details page, click PQC toolkit.)

To learn more about post-quantum cryptography and our PQC toolkit:

To learn more about what's included with each Secure Site Pro certificate, see Pro TLS/SSL Certificates.