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We fixed a DV certificate reissue bug where we weren't honoring the valid until date on the original order for certificates with more than a year remaining until they expired.

Now, when you reissue a DV certificate with more than a year remaining until it expires, the reissued certificate will retain the valid until date of the original certificate.


In the DigiCert Services API, we improved the DV certificate request endpoints allowing you to use the new email_domain field along with the existing email field to more precisely set the desired recipients of the domain control validation (DCV) emails.

For example, when ordering a certificate for, you can have a domain owner for the base domain ( validate the subdomain. To change the email recipient for the DCV email, in your DV certificate request, add the dcv_emails parameter. Then, add the email_domain field specifying the base domain ( and the email field specifying the email address of the desired DCV email recipient (

Example request for a GeoTrust Standard DV Certificate

DV certificate endpoints:


We fixed a bug on the certificate reissue Order # details page where it wasn’t displaying the signature hash for the certificate correctly. This only happened on reissues when you changed the signature hash (i.e., in the original certificate, you used SHA256 but in the reissue, you used SHA384).

Note: The reissued certificate was issued with the correct signature hash.

Now when you reissue a certificate with a different signature hash, the hash is displayed correctly on the certificate's Order # details page.


We fixed a code signing certificate reissue bug where we weren't sending the email letting you know your certificate was issued.

Note: When you checked on the order in your account, the reissued code signing certificate was available to download from its Order # details page.

Now when we reissue your code signing certificate, we send the email letting you know your code signing certificate was issued.


We fixed a bug where you were unable to cancel a pending Client certificate order (Premium, Authentication Plus, Grid Premium, Grid Robot Email, and so on).

Now, you can go to the Orders page (in the sidebar menu, click Certificates > Orders) and find the Client certificate order that needs to be canceled. Then on the certificate's Order# details page, in the Certificate Actions drop-down list, select Cancel Order.


We fixed a bug where email recipients were sent a link to a Service Not Found page, preventing them from being able to download a reissued certificate.

Now, when you send someone a link to download a reissued certificate, the link works. The recipient is able to download the certificate.


We added a new feature that allows you to reissue Document Signing certificates [Document Signing – Organization (2000) and Document Signing – Organization (5000)].

Note: Previously, you couldn't reissue a Document Signing certificate. The only workaround was to revoke and replace your Document Signing certificate.

Now, you can go to Orders page (in the sidebar menu, click Certificates > Orders), find your Document Signing certificate, and on its Order# details page, reissue your certificate as needed.