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We fixed a bug that allowed site seals to display on fully-qualified domain names (FQDN) that were not included in the certificate.

Now, seals only display when there is an exact FQDN match.


CertCentral Services API: Site seal enhancements

To help you manage your site seals in your API integrations, we’ve made the following updates to the CertCentral Services API:

  • New endpoint: Upload site seal logo
    We added a new endpoint – Upload site seal logo – you can use to upload your company logo for use with a DigiCert Smart Seal. This logo appears in the site seal on your website. Note: Only Secure Site and Secure Site Pro SSL/TLS certificates support the option to display your company logo in the site seal.
  • New endpoint: Update site seal settings
    We added a new endpoint – Update site seal settings – you can use to change the appearance of your site seal and the information that displays on the site seal information page.
  • Updated endpoint: Get site seal settings
    We updated the Site seal settings endpoint to return information about each property you can customize with the Update site seal settings endpoint.

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May 10, 2019


We fixed a bug where you could display our DigiCert and Norton site seals on internal domain names.

Now, our site seals will no longer resolve to internal domain names.