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CertCentral: Multi-year Plans are now available for Verified Mark Certificates

We are happy to announce that Multi-year Plans are now available for Verified Mark Certificates (VMCs) in CertCentral and CertCentral Services API.

DigiCert® Multi-year Plans allow you to pay a single discounted price for up to six years of Verified Mark Certificate coverage. With a Multi-year Plan, you pick the duration of coverage you want (up to six years). Until the plan expires, you reissue your certificate at no cost each time it reaches the end of its validity period.

Note: Depending on the length of your plan, you may need to revalidate your domain and organization multiple times during your Multi-year Plan.

Multi-year Plans for VMC in the Services API

In the Services API, when you submit an order request for a VMC, use the order_validity object to set the duration of coverage for your Multi-year Plan (1-6 years). For more information, see:

What is a Verified Mark Certificate?

Verified Mark Certificates (VMCs) are a new type of certificate that allows companies to place a certified brand logo next to the “sender” field in customer inboxes.

  • Your logo is visible before the message is opened.
  • Your logo acts as confirmation of your domain’s DMARC status and your organization’s authenticated identity.

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