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We updated the behavior for products that can use wildcard domain names and fully qualified domain names (FQDNs) in a certificate. After August 23, 2021 certificates including the wildcard domain name will only secure the FQDN and all of its same-level domain names without charge.

Subject Alternative Names (SANs) that are not at the same level as the wildcard domain name will be considered additional to the wildcard coverage. For example, a wildcard certificate for * will only allow FQDNs like,, and to be included as SANs in the certificate without charge.


Industry standards compliance reminder

For public and private certificates, Certificate Authorities (CAs) don't accept abbreviations for these parts of an address in your certificate orders or organization pre-validation requests:

  • State or Province*
  • City or Locality*

*This applies to organization and jurisdiction addresses.


We made it easier to define the domain validation scope for your account when submitting your domains for validation (pre-validation or via certificate orders).

On the Division Preferences page, we added two domain validation scope options:

  • Submit exact domain names for validation
    With this option, requests for new domains are submitted for validation exactly as named (i.e., request for is submitted for validation exactly as Validation for the “higher level” domain (e.g., also works. This is the default behavior for CertCentral.
  • Restrict validation to base domain only
    This option allows you to restrict domain validation to the base domain (e.g., For request that include new subdomains (e.g.,, we only accept domain validation for the base domain (e.g., Validation for the subdomain (e.g., won’t work.

To configure the domain validation scope for your account, in the sidebar menu, click Settings > Preferences. On the Division Preference page, expand Advanced Settings. In the Domain Control Validation (DCV) section, under Domain Validation Scope, you'll see the new settings.


We fixed a bug where we were limiting the maximum allowed number of SANS to 10 on Wildcard SSL certificate reissue and new certificate orders.

Now, when reissuing or ordering a new Wildcard SSL certificate, you can add up to 250 SANs.