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CertCentral ACME protocol support general availability

We are happy to announce the general availability of one of our Automation Tools—ACME protocol support. Its open beta period has ended, and it is now ready for production environments.

With ACME + CertCentral, use your preferred ACME client to automate your SSL/TLS certificate deployments and remove time spent completing manual certificate installations.

CertCentral ACME protocol support allows you to automate OV and EV SSL/TLS 1-year, 2-year, and custom validity certificate deployments. Our ACME protocol also supports the Signed HTTP Exchange certificate profile option, enabling you to automate your Signed HTTP Exchange certificate deployments.

ACME in CertCentral

To access ACME in your CertCentral account, go to the ACME Directory URLs page (in the left main menu, go to Automation > ACME Directory URLs).

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DigiCert ACME integration now supports the use of custom fields

We are happy to announce that DigiCert ACME protocol now supports custom fields in the request forms used to create your ACME directory URLs.

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