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We enhanced our SSL/TLS and client certificate product offerings, enabling you to set a custom validity period (in days) when ordering one of these certificates. Previously, you could only choose a custom expiration date.

Custom validity periods start on the day we issue the certificate. Certificate pricing is prorated to match the custom certificate length.

Note: Custom certificate lengths can't exceed the industry allowed maximum lifecycle period for the certificate. For example, you can't set a 900-day validity period for an SSL/TLS certificate.


We enhanced the SSL/TLS and Client certificate endpoints to include a new validity_days parameter that allows you to set the number of days that the certificate is valid for.

Parameter Priority Note: If you include more than one certificate validity parameter in your request, we prioritize the certificate validity parameters in this order: custom_expiration_date > validity_days > validity_years.

For DigiCert Services API documentation, see CertCentral API.


We added a new Order Management - List Order Reissues API endpoint that allows you to view all the reissue certificates for a certificate order. See the List order reissues endpoint.


We fixed a bug where you were unable to cancel a pending Client certificate order (Premium, Authentication Plus, Grid Premium, Grid Robot Email, and so on).

Now, you can go to the Orders page (in the sidebar menu, click Certificates > Orders) and find the Client certificate order that needs to be canceled. Then on the certificate's Order# details page, in the Certificate Actions drop-down list, select Cancel Order.


We fixed a bug where email recipients were sent a link to a Service Not Found page, preventing them from being able to download a reissued certificate.

Now, when you send someone a link to download a reissued certificate, the link works. The recipient is able to download the certificate.