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December 10, 2019


Discovery Cloud-scan service

We've added a new feature to Discovery—Cloud-scan service—that uses a cloud-based sensor to find your public facing SSL/TLS certificates regardless of issuing Certificate Authority (CA).

Discovery Cloud-scan is a free cloud service so there is nothing to install or manage. You can start scanning immediately to find your public SSL/TLS certificates. There is no limit to the number of cloud-based scans you can run.

Cloud-scan runs every 24 hours and use the most recently saved scan configuration. Cloud-scan provides detailed information about the certificates found and the endpoints where those certificates are installed.

Note: This is the open beta for the Cloud-scan service.

To get started, in the left main menu, go to Discovery > Manage Discovery. On the Manage scans page, click Single cloud scan. To learn more, see Discovery Cloud-scan service.