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We updated the OV and EV SSL/TLS certificate order forms, adding a new DCV verification method dropdown. Now, when ordering OV and EV certificates, you can select the DCV method you want to use to validate the new domains on the order. See our Order your SSL/TLS certificates instructions.

Note: The selected DCV method applies to all unvalidated domains on the order. After submitting the order, you can change the DCV method per domain on the certificate's Order details page. See our Demonstrate control over domains on a pending certificate order instructions.


We updated the domain pre-validation forms, consolidating the OV and EV certificate validation options. Now, when pre-validating a domain, use the new unified domain validation option—OV/EV Domain Validation*. See our Domain pre-validation: Domain control validation (DCV) methods instructions.

Note*: The domain control validation (DCV) methods for OV and EV certificates are the same (verification email, DNS TXT, etc.). The only difference between them is how long the domain validation is valid for. For OV SSL certificates, domains will need to be revalidated every 825 days (approximately 27 months). For EV SSL certificates, domains will need to be revalidated every 13 months.