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Customize the lifetime of your DigiCert Multi-year Plan

We are happy to announce you can now configure a custom lifetime for your Multi-year Plan (MyP) when requesting a TLS certificate in CertCentral. On the TLS certificate request forms, use the new Custom order validity option to customize the length of your TLS certificate order.

Note: Maximum TLS certificate validity is 397 days per industry best practices. See End of 2-Year public SSL/TLS certificates.

Custom Multi-year Plan order lengths can be set in days or by expiration date. Maximum order length is 2190 days (6 years). Minimum order length is 7 days.

Note: Custom orders start on the day we issue the certificate for the order. Order pricing is prorated to match the certificate selected and your custom order length.

To customize your MyP coverage

  1. On the Request certificate form, click Select coverage length.
  2. In the How long do you need to protect your site pop-up window, select Custom order validity.
  3. Under Select your customer order length, configure the lifetime for your Multi-year Plan:
    1. Custom order length
      Specify the length of your plan in days.
    2. Custom order expiration date
      Select the day you want your plan to expire on.
  4. Click Save.

Updated product settings for public TLS certificates

To provide more control over your certificate order process, we updated the product settings for public TLS certificates. Now, you can determine the allowed Multi-year Plan order lengths users can select from when ordering a public TLS certificate.

On the TLS certificate's product settings page, use the Allowed validity periods option to determine what MyP order lengths appear on a TLS certificate request form: 1 Year, 2 Years, 3 Years, 4 Years, 5 Years, and 6 Years. Note that changes made to product settings apply to requests placed through CertCentral and the Services API.

Note: Previously, the Allowed validity periods option was used to determine the maximum certificate lifetime a user could select when ordering a public TLS certificate. However, with the industry move to 1-year certificate this option is no longer needed for certificate lengths. See End of 2-Year public SSL/TLS certificates.

To configure the allowed MyP order lengths for a TLS certificate

  1. In the left main menu, go to Settings > Product Settings.
  2. On the Product Settings page, select a public TLS certificate. For example, select Secure Site OV.
  3. Under Secure Site OV, in the Allowed validity periods dropdown, select the validity periods.
  4. Click Save Settings.

The next time a user orders a Secure Site OV certificate, they will only see the validity period lengths you selected on the request form.

Note: Setting limits on Multi-year Plan order lengths removes the custom validity option from your TLS certificate request forms.


CertCentral Domains page: Improved domains.csv report

On the Domains page, we improved the CSV report to make it easier to track OV and EV domain validation expiration dates and to view the previously used domain control validation (DCV) method.

The next time you download the CSV file, you will see we three new columns in the report:

  • OV Expiration
  • EV Expiration
  • DCV Method

To download the domains.csv report

  1. In the left main menu, go to Certificates > Domains.
  2. On the Domains page, in the Download CSV dropdown, select Download All Records.

When you open the domains.csv, you should see the new columns and information in your report.