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Bug fix: DV certificate not attached to email notification

We fixed a bug in the DV certificate issuance process where we weren't attaching a copy of the DV certificate to the Your certificate for your-domain email notification. As a temporary fix to this issue, we now include a certificate download link in the DV certificate email notification.

Note: After DigiCert issues a certificate, it is immediately available in your CertCentral account.

To use the download link in the email, you must have access to the CertCentral account and have permissions to access the certificate order.

If an email recipient doesn't have access to the account or to the certificate order, you can email them a copy of the DV certificate from your CertCentral account. See our instructions for how to email a DV certificate from your CertCentral account.


Legacy partner account upgrades to CertCentral

In the DigiCert Service API, we updated the—DigiCert order ID—to make it easier to find the corresponding DigiCert order IDs for your migrated legacy GeoTrust TLS/SSL certificate orders.

Now, you can use the GeoTrust order ID* to access the DigiCert order ID for your GeoTrust certificate orders. Additionally, when using the GeoTrust order ID, we return the most current DigiCert certificate order ID.

*Note: In the legacy partner accounts, you only have access to the GeoTrust order ID for your GeoTrust TLS/SSL certificate orders.


After you migrate your active, public SSL/TLS certificate orders to your new account, we assign a unique DigiCert order ID to each migrated legacy SSL/TLS certificate order.

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