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Microsoft is sunsetting support for third-party kernel-mode driver package digital signatures

The process for signing your kernel-mode driver packages is changing. Starting in 2021, Microsoft will be the sole provider of production kernel-mode code signatures. You will need to start following Microsoft’s updated instructions to sign any new kernel-mode driver packages going forward. See Partner Center for Windows Hardware.

What is DigiCert doing about this?

As a first step in this sunsetting process, DigiCert has removed the Microsoft Kernel-Mode Code platform option from Code Signing certificate request forms: new, reissue, and renew.

This means going forward, you can no longer order, reissue, or renew a code signing certificate for the kernel-mode platform.

How does this affect my existing kernel-mode Code Signing certificate?

You can continue to use your existing certificates to sign Kernel-Mode driver packages until the cross-signed root it is chained to expires. DigiCert brand cross-signed root certificates expire in 2021.

For more details, see our knowledgeable article, Microsoft sunsetting support for cross-signed root certificates with kernel-mode signing capabilities.