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We've added a new Auto-Renewal User feature to the Edit division page that optionally allows you to set a default user for the division's auto-renewal orders. If set, this user replaces the original requester on all division auto-renewal certificate orders and helps prevent auto-renewal interruptions.

(In your account, in the sidebar menu, click Account > Divisions. On the Divisions page, select the division (or click My Division). Edit the division and in the Auto-Renewal User dropdown, set a default user for all division auto-renewal orders.)


We improved the automatic certificate renewal feature, adding an "Auto-renewal disabled" notification to the process. If something happens that prevents us from automatically renewing a certificate, we now send an "Auto-renew disabled" email notification, letting you know auto-renewal has been disabled for the order, what will happen now, and how to re-enable auto-renewal for the order.

Note: Automatic certificate renewals are tied to a specific user (order specific or division specific). If that user ever loses permissions to place orders, the automatic certificate renewal process is disabled.