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Subaccount management for partners, resellers, and enterprises

Many subaccount features have been available in previous beta releases. With this release, all subaccount management functionality is now fully available in CertCentral.

Partners, resellers, and enterprises with tiered organizational structure can:

  • Create and manage all subaccount details for their retail or enterprise customers or their own autonomous sub-resellers.
  • Specify their own account manager for a subaccount.
  • View subaccount orders and reports through CertCentral console or APIs.
  • Bill orders directly to the subaccount or back to the parent account/subaccount.
  • Customize available products and pricing.
  • Manage commission-based finances, now updated and enhanced in CertCentral.

Where are subaccounts?

  • Go to the SUBACCOUNTS menu in the left navigation in CertCentral.
  • If Subaccounts isn’t visible in your account, contact your account manager or customer support.