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New product settings for flexible certificates

To provide more control over your certificate ordering process, we added two new product settings to our flexible certificate offerings:

  • Maximum number of SANs allowed (can't exceed 250)
  • Allow wildcards.

Now, you can limit the number of SANs included on a flexible OV or EV certificate order. Additionally, you can prevent users from including wildcard domains in their flexible OV certificate orders.

To configure flexible certificate product settings, in the left main menu, go to Settings > Product Settings.

Flexible OV and EV certificates

These more flexible SSL/TLS certificates make it easier to get the certificate to fit your needs: Basic OV, Basic EV, Secure Site OV, and Secure Site EV. They will replace the old Basic and Secure Site products.

To activate any of these new certificates for your CertCentral account, contact your account manager or our Support team.