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In the DigiCert Services API, we added four new endpoints for ordering the new more flexible Basic and Secure Site SSL/TLS certificates. These more flexible SSL/TLS certificates make it easier to get the certificate to fit your needs and will replace the old Basic and Secure Site products.

Use these endpoints to place new orders and renewal orders only. They cannot be used to convert existing Basic or Secure Site certificate orders.

To activate any of these new certificates for your CertCentral account, contact your account manager or our Support team.

  • Order Basic OV
  • Order Basic EV
  • Order Secure Site OV
  • Order Secure Site EV

Flexible OV and EV certificates

These certificates provide the encryption and authentication you've come to expect from DigiCert SSL/TLS certificates, while allowing you to build an OV or EV certificate with a mix of whatever domains and wildcard domains* are needed to fit your needs.

*Note: Industry standards support wildcard domains in OV SSL/TLS certificates only. EV SSL/TLS certificates don't support the use of wildcard domains.