Filtering by: organization name x clear

We added two new features to the Expiring Certificates page (in the sidebar, click Certificates > Expiring Certificates), making it easier to manage renewal notifications for your expiring certificates.

First, we added a Renewal Notices column with an interactive check box. Use this check box to enable or disable renewal notices for an expiring certificate.

Second, we added two Renewal Notices filters: Disabled and Enabled. These filters allow you to see only the certificate orders with renewal notices enabled or disabled.


In the DigiCert Services API, we updated the List keys and Get key info endpoints response parameters, enabling you to see the organization associated with your ACME certificate orders.

Now, when you call the List keys and Get key info endpoints, we return the name of the organization (organization_name) associated with the ACME certificate order in the response.

Get key info: example reponse with new parameter