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CertCentral Services API: Documentation updates

We're pleased to announce the following updates to the documentation for the CertCentral Services API:

  • New Voucher price estimate API
    We published a new reference topic for the Voucher price estimate endpoint. Customers who use vouchers can use this endpoint to estimate the cost (including tax) of an order for specific voucher configurations.
  • Updated API Glossary
    We updated the Glossary with a new table to define the different organization validation status values. See Glossary – Organization validation statuses.
  • Added request parameter to Update account emails documentation
    We added the emergency_emails request parameter to the documentation for the Update account emails endpoint. Use this parameter to update the email addresses that receive emergency notifications from DigiCert.

Example Update account emails request body:

  • Added response parameters to the Product info documentation
    We added the validation_type, allowed_ca_certs, and default_intermediate response parameters to the documentation for the Product info endpoint.
    • Use the validation_type parameter to get the validation type for a given product.
    • Use the allowed_ca_certs parameter to get information about the ICA certificates you can select when you order a given product. *
    • Use the default_intermediate parameter to get the ID of the default ICA for a given product. *

Example Product info response data:

Product info response.png

* Note: The Product info endpoint only returns the allowed_ca_certs and default_intermediates parameters for products that support ICA selection. For public SSL certificates that support ICA selection (OV and EV flex certificates), these parameters are only returned if ICA selection is enabled for the account. Additionally, the default_intermediates parameter is only returned if an administrator has customized a product setting for a division or user role in the account. For more information, see ICA certificate chain option for public OV and EV flex certificates.


We added two new statuses to the Organizations and Organization details pages: validation expires soon, and validation expired. These new statuses make it easier to proactively track your organization validations and make sure they stay up to date.

Now, when you visit the Organizations page (in the sidebar menu click Certificates > Organizations), you can quickly identify organizations with validation that is expiring soon or has already expired. For more details about the expiring or expired organization validation, click the organization name.


We fixed a bug where some accounts were unable to submit organizations for EV CS – Code Signing Organization Extended Validation. The affected accounts only contained EV Code Signing and Code Signing products.

As part of the fix, we split up the EV and EV CS verified contact options. Now, when submitting an organization for EV CS – Code Signing Organization Extended Validation, you can submit the organization's verified contact for EV CS order approvals only. Similarly, when submitting an organization for EV – Extended Organization Validation (EV), you can submit the organization's verified contact for EV SSL certificate order approvals only.

Note: For EV code signing certificate orders, organizations and the organization's verified contacts need to be pre-validated. For more information about organization pre-validation, see our Submit an organization for pre-validation instructions.


We enhanced the Order # details page for pending OV SSL and EV SSL certificate orders. In the DigiCert Needs To section, under Verify Organization Details, we now list the steps that need to be completed to validate the organization (e.g., complete Place of Business Verification) along with the status for each step: complete or pending.

Previously, we provided only a high-level overview of the organization validation process – Verify Organization Details – without offering any details as to what steps needed to be completed before the organization was fully validated.


We fixed a bug on the forms in CertCentral where the state/province/territory field appeared as being required when the country selected didn't require that information (for example when adding a new organization or a credit card).

Note: This bug didn't prevent you from completing these transactions. For example, you were still able to add an organization or a credit card with or without filling in the state/province/territory field.

Now, in the forms, the state/province/territory field is labeled as optional for countries that don't require this information as part of their transactions.

Note: US and Canada are the only countries that require you to add a state or province/territory.