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We enhanced the add existing organization feature of the SSL/TLS certificate order process, enabling you to filter the existing organization list to see only organizations that are fully validated.

Note: If your CSR includes an organization currently used in your account, the Organization card auto populates with the organization's information contained in your account.

To manually add an existing organization when ordering your SSL/TLS certificate, click Add Organization. In the Add Organization window, check Hide non-validated organizations to filter the organizations so only the fully validated ones are shown.

Note: If you have more than nine active organizations in your account, the filter also works for the Organization drop-down list.


We enhanced the Organization Unit(s) feature of the SSL/TLS certificate order process, enabling you to add multiple organization units. Previously, you could only add one organization unit.

Note: The Organization Unit(s) field on the request form will be auto populated with the values from your CSR.

To manually add organization units when ordering your SSL/TLS certificate, expand Additional Certificate Options and in the Organization Unit(s) field, you can now add one or more organization units.

Note: Adding organization units is optional. You can leave this field blank. However, if you do include organization units in your order, DigiCert will need to validate them before we can issue your certificate.


We fixed a Custom Order Fields* bug preventing the feature from working properly when deactivating, activating, changing a field from required to optional, and changing a field from optional to required.

*Custom Order Fields is disabled by default. To enable this feature for your CertCentral account, please contact your DigiCert account representative. See Managing Custom Order Form Fields in the Advanced CertCentral Getting Started Guide.