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CertCentral: Edit SANs on pending orders: new, renewals, and reissues

DigiCert is happy to announce that CertCentral allows you to modify the common name and subject alternative names (SANs) on pending orders: new, renewals, and reissues.

Tired of canceling an order and placing it again because a domain has a typo? Now, you can modify the common name/SANs directly from a pending order.

Items to note when modifying SANs

  • Only admins and managers can edit SANs on pending orders.
  • Editing domains does not change the cost of the order.
  • You can only replace a wildcard domain with another wildcard domain and a fully qualified domain name (FQDN) with another FQDN.
  • The total number of domains cannot exceed the number included in the original request.
  • Removed SANs can be added back for free, up to the amount purchased, any time after DigiCert issues your certificate.
  • To reduce the certificate cost, you must cancel the pending order. Then submit a new request without the SANs you no longer want the certificate to secure.

See for yourself

  1. In your CertCentral account, in the left main menu, go to Certificates > Orders.
  2. On the Orders page, select the pending order with the SANs you need to modify.
  3. On the certificate’s Order details page, in the Certificate status section, under What do you need to do, next to Prove control over domains, select the edit icon (pencil).

See Edit common name and SANs on a pending TLS/SSL order: new, renewals, and reissues.

CertCentral Services API: Edit SANs on a pending order and reissue

To allow you to modify SANs on pending new orders, pending renewed orders, and pending reissues in your API integrations, we added a new endpoint to the CertCentral Services API. To learn how to use the new endpoint, visit Edit domains on a pending order or reissue.