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We improved the API key generation process, adding the ability to restrict the permissions of an API key to a specific set of actions.

When linking a key to a user, you're linking that user's permissions to the key. Now, you can restrict the permissions of that key to subset of actions within that user's role.

For more information, see Generate an API key.


We added a new information icon to the API key list on the Account Access page to help you quickly identify API keys with restricted permissions (in the sidebar menu, click Account > Account Access). Clicking the icon allows you to see what integrations the key can be used for.


We've added a new Edit API key feature that allows you to edit the description and permissions of an active API key.

To edit an API key, in the sidebar menu, click Account > Account Access. On the Account Access page, under API Keys, click the API Key Name link.

For more information, see Edit an API key.


We added a new feature that provides the flexibility to choose whether users can add a new organization when ordering a TLS certificate (OV and EV) from inside their account or when using a guest URL.

Note: Previously, the only way you could prevent users from adding a new organization during the order process was to edit the request and select an existing organization for the order or reject the certificate request.

With this new feature, you can disable or enable the ability for users to add new organizations from the certificate request pages.

On the Division Preferences page (Settings > Preferences). In the Certificate Request section (expand Advanced Settings), under Add New Organization, uncheck Allow users to add new organizations when requesting TLS certificates and then click Save Settings.

Note: This change does not remove a user's ability to add an existing, pre-validated organization to an order as this is required for all OV and EV TLS certificate orders.