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September 18, 2018


We added support for IPv6 addresses (abbreviated and full).

You can now order public and private OV TLS/SSL certificates (SSL, Multi-Domain SSL, and Wildcard SSL, Private SSL, etc.) and include an IPv6 address as the common name or a SAN.

Note: IPv6 addresses aren't supported for EV TLS/SSL certificates (EV SSL and EV Multi-Domain SSL).

August 27, 2018


Enhancements made to Wildcard certificates. You can secure multiple wildcard domains on a single wildcard certificate.

When you order a Wildcard certificate in CertCentral, you can secure multiple wildcard domains in one wildcard certificate (*, *, and * You can still secure a single wildcard domain (* with your Wildcard certificate.

Items to note:

  • For each wildcard domain, the base domain is also secured for free (for example, * secures
  • Other Hostnames (SANs) must be a wildcard domain (for example, * or based off your listed wildcard domains. For example, if one of your wildcard domains is *, then you can add the SANs or to your certificate order.
  • Adding wildcards SANs to a certificate order may incur additional cost.

As of March 1, 2018, 825 days is the maximum allowed length for a reissued (or duplicate issued) public 3-year SSL/TLS certificate.

For a 3-year OV certificate issued after March 1, 2017, be aware that during the first year of the 3-year certificate's lifecycle, all reissued and duplicate certificates may have a shorter lifecycle than the "original" certificate, and these reissued certificates will expire first. See
How does this affect my 3-year certificate reissues and duplicate issues?.

February 21, 2018


As of February 21, 2018, DigiCert only offers 1 and 2-year public SSL/TLS certificates due to changes in industry standards that limit the maximum length of a public SSL certificate to 825 days (approximately 27 months). See February 20, 2018, Last Day for New 3-Year Certificate Orders.