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November 21, 2019


Discovery: Renewal notifications for non-DigiCert SSL/TLS certificates

In Discovery, we added renewal notifications for non-DigiCert certificates, making it easier to manage all your SSL/TLS certificates in one place—CertCentral. Now, when Discovery finds non-DigiCert certificates, we'll send renewal notifications for these certificates regardless of issuing Certificate Authority (CA).

Note: When renewing a non-DigiCert SSL/TLS certificate in CertCentral, we'll replace it with the equivalent DigiCert certificate. For example, we'll replace a non-DigiCert single-domain SSL certificate with a DigiCert single-domain SSL certificate.

Who receives these renewal notifications?

By default, Discovery sends renewal notifications for non-DigiCert SSL/TLS certificates to the primary CertCentral administrator—the individual who created the account and receives all account notifications.

We also send renewal notifications to any additional email addresses assigned to receive account notifications. See Set up account email notifications and Certificate renewal notifications.

When are these renewal notifications sent?

Discovery uses your CertCentral renewal notification settings to determine when to send renewal notifications for non-DigiCert certificates. By default CertCentral sends renewal notifications 90, 60, 30, 7, and 3 days before a certificate expires and 7 days after a certificate expires.

To customize your renewal notifications schedule, see Certificate renewal notifications.


Discovery: Customize non-DigiCert SSL/TLS certificate renewal notification process

In Discovery, on the Certificates page, we added three new certificate renewal actions to the Actions column dropdown for non-DigiCert certificates: Disable renewal notices, Enable renewal notices, and Renewal notifications. Renewal notifications allows you to add email addresses to receive renewal notifications for a certificate.

On the Certificates page, you can now update your non-DigiCert certificate renewal process to fit your certificate needs. (In the left main menu, go to Discovery > View Results.)

Note: By default, Discovery sends renewal notifications for all discovered non-DigiCert SSL/TLS certificates.

To customize renewal notifications for non-DigiCert SSL/TLS certificates, see Discovery renewal notices.