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CertCentral: New purchase order and invoice system

We are happy to announce that we are using a new purchase order and invoice system in CertCentral. We've made several changes to make it easier for you to manage your purchase orders and invoices.

The next time you sign in to CertCentral, you will see two new menu options under Finances: Pay Invoice and Purchase Orders and Invoices. Additionally, we now send all invoice emails from our new invoice system.

Pay invoices page

When you open the Pay invoice page, all invoices are preselected by default. You can choose to pay them all or select those you want to pay.

Note: If you use divisions with separate funds, when you open the Pay invoice page, all invoices for the top-level division are selected by default. Use the For dropdown to view the unpaid invoices by division in your account.

Purchase orders and invoices page

On the new Purchase orders and invoices page, you can create a purchase order (PO). In the Purchaseorders table, you can view pending and rejected POs. After we approve a PO, it becomes an invoice and moves to the Invoices table.

Note: If you use divisions with separate funds, you see the Purchase order and invoice summary page. When you click a division name, it opens the Purchase order and invoices page, where you can view the POs and invoices for that division.

In the Invoices column of the Invoices table, you can see the invoice number and the PO from which we generated it. You can download a copy of the invoice or pay the invoice. When you click Pay invoice, we take you to the Pay invoice page to pay the invoice and make the funds available in your account.

Existing PO and Invoice migration

  • Autogenerated invoices
    When we migrated our billing system, we did not migrate your autogenerated invoices. At the end of March, we will autogenerate a new invoice for your total amount owed. However, you can make a payment on your account at any time on the Deposit Funds page (in the left main menu, go to Finances > Deposit Funds).
  • Invoices generated from approved purchase orders
    When we migrated your invoices to the new system, we gave them new invoice numbers. However, the associated purchase order number remains the same. If you have questions or trouble finding an invoice, please contact your account manager or DigiCert Accounts Receivable. Make sure to include your PO number and the original invoice number in the email.

CertCentral Services API: View balance enhancements

To help you track financial data in your API integrations, we updated the View balance endpoint to return the following data:

  • unpaid_invoice_balance
    Unpaid invoice balance
  • negative_balance_limit
    Amount the balance can go into the negative
  • used_credit_from_other_containers
    Amount owed by other divisions in the account (for accounts with separate division funds enabled)
  • total_available_funds
    Total funds available for future purchases

Example response: 

Example response from the View balance endpoint

For more information, see the documentation for the View balance endpoint.


CertCentral Services API: Improved endpoints

In the DigiCert Services API, we updated the endpoints listed below, enabling you to skip the duplicate organization check to create a new organization.

Default behavior

By default, when you create a new organization (without providing an organization ID), we check the organizations that already exist in your account to avoid creating a duplicate organization. If the details you provide in the request match the details of an existing organization, we associate the order with the existing organization instead of creating a new one.

New organization.skip_duplicate_org_check request parameter

We added a new organization.skip_duplicate_org_check request parameter to the endpoints listed below so that you can override the behavior and force the creation of a new organization.

Example request with new organization.skip_duplicate_org_check request parameter

Example API request with the skip_duplicate_org_check parameter

Updated endpoints:


CertCentral Services API: Improved Submit for validation endpoint

In the DigiCert Services API, we updated the Submit for validation endpoint, enabling you to submit a domain for revalidation before it expires. Now, you can submit a domain for revalidation at any time, enabling you to complete the domain’s validation early and maintain seamless certificate issuance for the domain.

Note: If you order a certificate for the domain while the domain's revalidation is in a pending state, we use the domain's current validation to issue the certificate.

New request parameter: dcv_method

We also added a new request parameter, dcv_method*. Now, when you submit a domain for validation, you can change the DCV method used to prove control over the domain.

*Note: This new parameter is optional. If you leave the new parameter out of your request, we return a 204 response with no content. You will need to use the same DCV method used before to prove control over the domain.

Example request with new parameter

Submit for validation endpoint example request

Example response when new parameter is included in the request
201 Created

Submit for validation endpoint example response