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We fixed a DV certificate reissue bug where we weren't honoring the valid until date on the original order for certificates with more than a year remaining until they expired.

Now, when you reissue a DV certificate with more than a year remaining until it expires, the reissued certificate will retain the valid until date of the original certificate.


In the DigiCert Services API, we improved the DV certificate request endpoints allowing you to use the new email_domain field along with the existing email field to more precisely set the desired recipients of the domain control validation (DCV) emails.

For example, when ordering a certificate for, you can have a domain owner for the base domain ( validate the subdomain. To change the email recipient for the DCV email, in your DV certificate request, add the dcv_emails parameter. Then, add the email_domain field specifying the base domain ( and the email field specifying the email address of the desired DCV email recipient (

Example request for a GeoTrust Standard DV Certificate

DV certificate endpoints: