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CertCentral Services API: Verified contact improvements

Starting October 19, 2022, DigiCert will require organizations on Code Signing (CS) and EV Code Signing (EV CS) certificate orders to have a verified contact.

DigiCert has always required a verified contact from the organization to approve code signing certificate orders before we issue the certificate. Today, DigiCert can add a verified contact to an organization during the validation process. After October 19, verified contacts must be submitted with the organization.

To make the transition easier, when you submit a request to the Order code signing certificate API endpoint, DigiCert will default to adding the authenticated user (the user who owns the API key in the request) as a verified contact for the organization.

DigiCert will apply this default when:

  • The organization in the API request has no verified contacts who can approve CS or EV CS orders.
  • The API request body does not specify a new verified contact to add to the organization.
  • The authenticated user has a job title and phone number.

To avoid a lapse in service, make sure users in your CertCentral account with active API keys have a job title and phone number.

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CertCentral Services API: Added label for verified contacts

In the CertCentral Services API, we added a new contact_type label for verified contacts: verified_contact.

Use the verified_contact label to identify verified contacts for an organization when you submit a request for an EV TLS, Verified Mark, Code Signing, or EV Code Signing certificate. The updated label applies to all verified contacts, regardless of which product type the order is for.

For example, this JSON payload shows how to use the verified_contact label to add a verified contact to an organization in a new certificate order request:


Note: Before this change, verified contacts were always identified with the label ev_approver. The CertCentral Services API will continue accepting ev_approver as a valid label for verified contacts on EV TLS, Verified Mark, Code Signing, and EV Code Signing certificate orders. The verified_contact label works the same as the ev_approver label, but the name is updated to apply to all products that require a verified contact.


Improved API documentation for adding organizations to Code Signing and EV Code Signing orders

We updated the Order code signing certificate API documentation to describe three ways to add an organization to your Code Signing (CS) or EV Code Signing (EV CS) order requests:

  1. Add an existing organization already validated for CS or EV CS certificate issuance.
  2. Add an existing organization not validated for CS or EV CS and submit the organization for validation with your order.
  3. Create a new organization and submit it for validation with your CS or EV CS order request.

Learn more: Order code signing certificate – CS and EV CS organization validation


CertCentral: Improved verified contact EV TLS certificate request approval process

In CertCentral and the CertCentral Services API, we updated the EV TLS certificate request process to only send the EV TLS request approval emails to the verified contacts you include on the certificate request.

Note: Before, when you requested an EV TLS certificate, we sent the EV order approval email to all the verified contacts for the organization.

Add verified contacts to an EV TLS certificate request:

  • CertCentral
    When requesting an EV TLS certificate, you can:
    • Keep the existing verified contacts assigned to the organization
    • Remove contacts (at least one is required)
    • Add new contacts (we must validate each new contact, which may delay certificate issuance).
  • Services API
    When requesting an EV TLS certificate, include the verified contacts in the organization.contacts array of the JSON request. For verified contacts, the value of the contact_type field is ev_approver.

To learn more about EV TLS certificate requests: