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DigiCert Smart Seal now available with Secure Site Pro and Secure Site TLS/SSL certificates

We are happy to announce the release of our new site seal, the DigiCert Smart Seal. The new Smart Seal works with your Secure Site Pro and Secure Site TLS certificates to provide your customers with the assurance that your website is secured by DigiCert—one of the most recognized names in TLS/SSL security.

To make the Smart Seal more interactive and engaging, we added a hover-over effect, animation, and the ability to display your company logo in the hover-over effect and animation feature.

  • Hover-over effect
    When visitors hover on the seal, it magnifies and displays additional data.
  • Animation
    When visitors come to your site, the seal slowly evolves between the seal and the additional details.
  • Logo*
    Add your logo to the hover-over effect and the site seal animation. Your logo appears with additional details.
    *DigiCert must approve your logo before it appears in the Smart Seal on your website.

Note: You must install the new site seal code on your website to use the Smart Seal image, the hover-over effect, the animation, and add your logo to the site seal.

Improved site seal information page

Secure Site and Secure Site Pro certificates allow you to add information to the site seal information page. This additional information enables site visitors to see the steps you are taking to ensure your website is secure.

  • Malware scan
    Site visitors can see that you monitor your website for viruses and malware.
  • CT log monitoring*
    Site visitors can see that you monitor the certificate transparency (CT) logs, allowing you to act quickly if a bad actor issues a fraudulent certificate for your domain
  • Blocklist
    Site visitors can see your business is clear from government and country-specific blocklists.
  • PCI compliance scan*
    Site visitors can see that you monitor your website to ensure it is compliant with PCI DDS Standards.
  • Verified customer
    Site visitors can see how long you've been using one of the most trusted names in TLS/SSL certificates to protect your websites.

*Note: CT log monitoring is only available with Secure Site Pro certificates. PCI compliance scan is only available with Secure Site Pro and Secure Site EV certificates.

Learn how to configure and install your Smart Seal and site seal information page