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CertCentral Services API: Domain info enhancement

We updated the Domain info API response to include the expiration_date parameter for the DCV token associated with the domain. Now, when you call the Domain info API and set the value of the include_dcv query parameter to true, the dcv_token object in the response includes the expiration_date of the DCV token for the domain.


CertCentral Services API: Domain validation status in Domain info response

To make it easier to get a comprehensive validation status for your domains, DigiCert is deprecating the status parameter in the Domain info response. To ensure you are getting complete and accurate status information for each different validation type on your domains, you should use the validations array when you call the Domain info endpoint from your API integrations instead.

Note: The Domain info endpoint will continue to return a status parameter value.


In the Domain info response, the status parameter is designed to return a single string value. When DigiCert offered fewer products, a single value in the API was enough to represent the validation status for your domains.

Now, DigiCert offers certificate products that use many different types of validation. Different validation types have different requirements, and these requirements change as industry standards evolve. As DigiCert validates your domains for different types of certificate issuance, each type of validation that you request can be in a different state.

For example:

  • The OV validation for a domain may be completed.
  • The EV validation for the same domain may be expired.

As a result, DigiCert can no longer use a single value to return comprehensive information about the validation status for a domain.

Instead of relying on a single value, use the Domain info endpoint to request a validations array – a list of objects with status information for each type of validation on the domain. To get this data, include the query parameter include_validation=true when you submit your request.

For example:

Example validations array in domain info response data

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