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Connecting DigiCert ONE to monitoring tools


Before you get started, make sure you have Splunk Connect properly set up.

When you're ready to connect DigiCert ONE and Splunk, follow these steps:

  1. Create a new index and HEC (HTTP Event Connector) token.

  2. Open firewall from Kubernetes cluster to Splunk server on port 8088.

  3. Add Splunk chart repo.

    helm repo add splunk
  4. Copy the values to a file in your working directory.

    helm show values splunk/splunk-connect-for-kubernetes > values.yaml
  5. Update the values file with the following values.

    host: "<your splunk host name>"
    port: "<your splunk port>"
    token: <new HEC token created in step 1>
    indexName: <new index name created in step 1>
    clusterName: "<your kubernetes cluster name>"
  6. Create “splunk” namespace.

    kubectl create namespace splunk
  7. Deploy Splunk using the “Splunk Connect for Kubernetes” chart.

    helm upgrade --install splunk -f splunk-values.yaml splunk/splunk-connect-for-kubernetes


Rancher provides tools for additional monitoring services: