Verified Mark Certificate (VMC)

Verified mark certificates (VMCs) allow companies to place a trademarked brand logo next to the "sender" field in customer inboxes—even before the message is opened—acting as confirmation of your domain's DMARC (Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting &Conformance) status and your organization’s authenticated identity.

Before you begin

To qualify for a VMC certificate;

  1. Your domains must be fully DMARC compliant. DMARC combats email spoofing and phishing. See our blog post and guide to set up DMARC.
  2. Your organization's logo must be a legally registered trademark.
  3. The logo file used in your VMC certificate must be an SVG file that adheres to the SVG-P/S profile. Currently, most image editing tools do not support this profile and will require using a specific conversion tool or manually editing an SVG file. See our guide for properly formatting your logo.

Certificate validation

DigiCert cannot issue a certificate before we complete the industry-required validation.

The validation process for VMCs follows the same Extended Validation certificate requirements used for SSL certificates, with a few added steps for additional security.

These steps include:

  • Confirm your trademark is legally registered.
  • Provide notarized copies of personal identity documents to confirm the identity of the person at your organization applying for the VMC or conduct a live webcam interview with a member of DigiCert's validation team to validate the person's identity requesting the VMC.
  • Complete an in-person or video call meeting with a DigiCert validation member to confirm your identity matches those documents.

If this is your first time ordering a certificate, remember that DigiCert automatically begins the validation process once your order is placed. We will contact you if any additional information is required before issuing your certificate.