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DigiCert's post-quantum cryptographic (PQC) dockerized toolkit contains everything needed to quickly set up a docker environment where you can create a hybrid TLS certificate. This hybrid certificate uses a post-quantum cryptographic algorithm paired with a classical cryptographic algorithm. This pairing allows you to test the viability of deploying post-quantum hybrid TLS certificates while also maintaining backwards compatibility.

This guide walks you through using the DigiCert PQC dockerized toolkit to:

  • Start the Docker container using docker-compose.

  • Enter the running PQC container.

  • Execute the included demo scripts to test example PQC certificates.

  • Generate post-quantum cryptographic keys.

  • Create a complete hybrid certificate chain, including root, intermediate, and server certificates.

  • Test the certificates using OpenSSL's s_server and s_client utilities.


DigiCert PQC dockerized toolkit is available to download for all Secure Site Pro customers. Learn more about what's included with each Secure Site Pro certificate.