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Osslsigncode is a signing tool used to sign, timestamp and verify Authenticode on Linux. Osslsigncode is a native tool that is based on OpenSSL and cURL allowing you to compile it on most platforms where OpenSSL and cURL exist.


To avoid errors when signing large files, use osslsigncode instead of jsign.

Integrate osslsigncode with Sign Manager Controller (SMCTL) for simplified signing. Alternatively, you can sign directly with osslsigncode and reference your private key stored in DigiCert​​®​​ KeyLocker.


Osslsigncode is only compatible for signing on Linux. For signing on Windows or macOS, use Jsign.


What can osslsigncode be used to sign?

Use osslsigncode to sign and timestamp Authenticode files such as:

  • .arx

  • .cbx

  • .crx

  • .cpl

  • .dbx

  • .deploy

  • .dll

  • .drx

  • .exe

  • .msi

  • .msm

  • .msp

  • .ocx

  • .sys

Install osslsigncode

To install osslsigncode:

  1. Open a Terminal.

  2. Run:

    apt install osslsigncode

Sign with osslsigncode

You can sign with osslsigncode directly or via DigiCert's signing tools integrated with osslsigncode: