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Delete your API token

You can delete an API token if needed. Deleting an API key removes it from your Administrator account.

Deleting an API token cannot be undone. API integrations using a deleted token will stop working.

If you need your integrations to keep working, make sure to replace the API token in your API integrations before deleting it.

  1. In DigiCert ONE, in the top menu on the right, select the person icon > Admin Profile.

  2. On the Admin page, in the API Tokens section, in the Filter tokens by dropdown, select one of these options:

    • Valid to see all active API tokens.

    • Disabled to see all disabled API tokens.

    • Expired to see expired, no longer usable API tokens.

  3. Locate the API token and select ellipsis > Delete token.

  4. In the Delete token popup window, select Delete.