Guest access

Guest access allows a user to manage their order without a CertCentral login. With their email address and order number (or FQDN in the certificate), users can download, reissue, or revoke their certificate. Guest access can be enabled for all orders across your account, or on individual orders.

Your CertCentral account has a unique Guest access login page. To confirm your user's identity, an authentication email is sent by CertCentral that provides access for two hours. Guest access is available for the organization and technical contact listed on an order.

Who should use Guest access?

We recommend creating a CertCentral login for each of your users as it gives you the most control and security, and your users full access to the features of CertCentral.

When that is impractical, Guest access is an alternative that allows the organization and technical contact to access their order without a CertCentral login. Guest access only allows management of a single order at a time and does not provide access to any other functionality of CertCentral.

Configuring Guest access

To enable Guest access for your account, go to the Account > Guest access page.

  1. Check Enable Guest access. This allows you to enable Guest access on individual orders. Once enabled, your account's unique Guest access link becomes active.

  2. Orders placed after Guest access is enabled will include your account's Guest access link in the certificate delivery email. If you need to distribute the link to other users, you must do so manually.

  3. Check Enable for all existing and new orders to turn Guest access on for all orders in your account.

  4. By default, the next two options are turned on by default. To hide order and request pricing from Guest access users, or disable CertCentral Administrator approval for additional purchases, uncheck the corresponding checkboxes.

  5. Click Save settings.

To enable or disable Guest access for an individual order go to the Orders page.

  1. On the Orders page, locate for which you want to enable or disable Guest access.

  2. Click the order number or Quick View.

  3. In the User access section, check the box Enable guest access for this order. Guest access is now enabled for this order for the organization and technical contact's email addresses.