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Signing Manager Controller (SMCTL)

Signing Manager Controller (SMCTL) provides a Command Line Interface (CLI) that facilitates manual and automated private key management, certificate management, and signing with or without the need for human intervention.

SMCTL comes with a built-in help function and provides instructions on all commands and subcommands to assist users in the CTL tool. See SMCTL command manual.

SMCTL provides secure key generation, application hash signing, and associated certificate-related requirements when the signing request does not require the transportation of files and intellectual property.

What signing tools can SMCTL integrate with?

SMCTL integrates with and enables secure hash-based signing with the following signing tools while maintaining key protection, permission-based access and reporting all signing activities:

Download SMCTL

  1. Sign in to DigiCert ONE.

  2. Navigate to DigiCert​​®​​ Software Trust Manager > Resources > Client tool repository.

  3. Select your operating system.

  4. Click the download icon next to Signing Manager Controller (SMCTL).

Set up environment variables

Follow the instructions in one of the following articles based on the operating system you will use to sign:

Verify connection

To verify that your client can properly authenticate to the DigiCert​​®​​ Software Trust Manager service:

  1. Open smctl.exe.

  2. Run:

    smctl keypair list